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ABOUT ACROSS THE DEMON REALM -Last update of the 14 July 2020:

Now this is FINALE VERSION of Across the demon realm:

I increased the price because it is the final version now! Adding altenative paths and shops, different endings, a demon can join you, you will sometimes have the chance to find one of the hidden temples, sometimes these will be haunted ... and many other additions!


Scheduled to be released on PC(Windows) for May 2020, Across the Demon realm
is a one-man project inspirated by the Oregon trail, it's an adventure
with procedurally generated events. I may potentially bring the work to
other consoles as well, given enough support and interest!

"Hi Everybody, I'm Choloco, creator of many 2D games who were on Kickstarter. I'm aware that most of my old games were not very good...  This time, it's decided, this new game will take the royal road and I will put all my abilities in it! Across the Demon realm will be an ambitious and brutal video game with refined 2D graphics presented in a rigorously-period 16 bit style. I spend a lot of time working on this game I really believe in it and I hope you will believe in Across the Demon realm too" 

Escort refugees through kingdoms colonized by demons and smash your enemies with Perfect Attacks! (or simply knock them out). 

 Helena: Traumatized by the many invasions of the demons, this young woman became completely voiceless. We don’t know where she comes from but she does not seem indifferent to your charm.

Giselle:This poor woman seems to have lost her mind. She pretends to be a princess and that her prince is waiting for her in Scotbritain.

Boris: An old man who was a Templar during the Crusades but he found Jordarak so beautiful that he stayed there... until today.

+ another mysterious one to unlock later.

Various endings according to which survivors will arrive at the end of the journey.

Before to start your journey, you need to select a skill:

-The Blood of Jesus : to be sure to respawn one time cause without this skill the respawn is random (it depends that the mood of the Death! )

-Treasure Hunter : to find more items!

-The eye of the Asclepios : to keeps some diseases away but this has no effect on "divine diseases" like stigmas (you will have to find the remedy yourself)

-Master of the sacred fire (The famous spell of the legend about the 3 marauders) : keeps the wolves away.

-Supplementary food rations : 5 food rations instead of 2.

-Seventh son of the seventh son : 7 lives instead of 3 but no ending when you finish the game!

...or no skill (If you already finished games like Ghosts’n Goblins and Dark Soul without losing 1 single life!! )

And start your journey: 

 Keep an eye on the amount of food rations and spare wheels and get ready to fight regularly.

In addition to fighting you will have to deal with other dangerous situations. Pray that diseases and wolves do not decimate your crew.

Like in all good trips, pleasant moments like the camp or fishing alternate with fights against gigantic bosses!

Rated 2.3 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
Made withMultimedia Fusion
TagsAction-Adventure, blood, brutal, Gore, Horror, Medieval, Pixel Art, plateformer, Retro, snes
Average sessionA few seconds
AccessibilitySubtitles, One button


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This game is visually great, BUUUUUUTTTT...please revisit the balancing. Right now, the game is quite literally down to the grace of RNGesus, and he eventually gets distracted.

Everything that your skills protect against is a guaranteed loss of a crew member without said skill. Random snakes, chowing down on 'shrooms, all of this stuff should be a chance to die rather than a guaranteed kill. This isn't a complaint about difficulty so much as a complaint about literal unfairness. Something like Oregon Trail or Organ Trail, your ability to prepare and risk assessment has a lot to do with your success or failure, and whether or not you can mitigate issues like broken legs or dysentery, but here none of that matters. You CAN'T prepare against more than 1 thing.

Multiple skills at once, toning down the frequency of events or changing them to give a saving throw of sorts, and rebalance that vomiting possessed guy would go a long way towards making this a truly great game. Your visuals and the style of the thing are awesome.

I don't think this developer is going to listen to feedback. This game is a lost cause, unless someone wants to document it to make a mod to reduce the difficulty.


You need to update this game because as it stands you are more likely to lose all of your survivors within the first 3 tiles than you are to actually beat the game. At least remove the random snake encounters and add the ability to have multiple skills


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Now this is the FINALE VERSION:

I increased the price because it is the final version now! Adding altenative paths and shops, different endings, a demon can join you, you will sometimes have the chance to find one of the hidden temples, sometimes these will be haunted ... and many other additions!

Update of the 27 February 2020: Now this is the playable Demo I just uploaded (Playable until the first Boss).